Community Diabetes Prevention Worker - Level 1 Certificate (Modular)



The Community Diabetes Prevention Worker Modular Program (CDPW) Level 1 Certificate prepares students to work alongside Diabetes Educators delivering important health services to their communities.  Students graduate with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to assist in the development and deliverance of relevant and essential diabetes services at the community level.  Graduates become valuable resource people who live in the community helping those with diabetes and their families to manage the disease, as well as promoting awareness and prevention strategies among the general population.

The program features 6 one-week modules with an emphasis on the practical application of skills in the community.  Students complete a practicum component after most modules.


  • Diabetes an Overview
  • Nutrition in Prevention and Management of Diabetes
  • Personal Care Techniques
  • Planning a Community Diabetes Program
  • Symptoms of Diabetes
  • Types of Diabetes

All courses comprise 40 hours of study in a one-week modular format.  This enables students who are currently employed to study while continuing to work.

Contact Yellowquill College if you are interested in taking any of these modules as a professional development workshop.

CDWP program is a portable program which can be delivered off-site anywhere in Canada and in a delivery format which meets the needs of your area.


  • Senior 4 or equivalent standing or,
  • Mature student with a combination of education and experience