Welcome to the new Yellowquill.org

As Yellowquill's Director, I extend to you a warm welcome on behalf of everyone at our college.

If you've had the opportunity to browse through our website, I'm sure you will agree that Yellowquill is a college unlike any other - a special place where students have an opportunity to pursue culturally relevent education in an environment of respect and understanding of their individual needs. This approach to education requires caring and dedicated people, and we are thankful to have a teaching and support staff that exemplifies those qualities.

We are also thankful for the generous funding from the Manitoba and federal governments, as well as many First Nation Communities in Manitoba and across Canada. Without their continued partnership and support, Yellowquill would not be possible.

In closing, I invite you to find out more about our college and our programs. Speak to a guidance counselor at your school, talk to one of our graduates in your community or, best of all, come down to our campus and visit us in person. I'm positive that after you've been able to do your homework on us, we will see you soon in one of our classrooms.

Doreen Beauchamp